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Is Downsizing Your Home Right for You?

When you become an empty nester, it can be tempting to move somewhere smaller. In this episode, Bruce and Peg discuss some of the things to consider before making the...

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Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Bruce Helmer joined Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse to discuss a few easy ways students can save money while in college in the October 17, 2017 edition of WCCO-TV’s...

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Laid Off at 60: What to Do Next

It’s possibly the last thing you were expecting at this stage in life, but a layoff has left you without a job as you close in your retirement years. So now what?


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Ways to Build Up an Emergency Fund

For the most part, human beings are positive creatures—sometimes to a fault.

A 2011 study done by ScienceDirect found that 80 percent of people display what’s called an...

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5 Must Have Money Conversations

For many couples, discussing personal finances is uncomfortable—but it’s a necessary part of seeking financial success. Bruce and Peg have your list of the five key...

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