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Equal Shares for Heirs? Not Until You Take Taxes Into Account.

As human beings, we’re drawn to bad news. It’s not our fault. It comes down to how our brains process information through what psychologists call a negative bias....

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Why Your One-Stock Solution Isn't a Solution

Everyone has a friend, brother in-law or colleague that has made a killing on one stock.

While it’s rare, we’ve heard those stories of the person who got in as an...

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Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is here! Bruce Helmer gives his financial spring cleaning tips to the anchors at WCCO Mid Morning. 


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What to Do If You Find Your Own Pot of Gold

Why do leprechauns get to have all of the fun? With St. Patrick's Day on our minds, we wanted to give you some tips on how to make the most of it if you find your very...

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Avoid Tax on RMDs by Giving to Charity

Tax reform has affected nearly every American tax payer in one way or another, but are you making the most of opportunities available to you now? One of the biggest...

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