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Maximizing Tax Strategies to Seek Greater Returns

We know that our clients have more important things to worry about in their lives, so we’ve assembled a group of top-notch tax experts to help you make the best decisions possible for your life and your goals.

Our Tax Strategies team executes various strategies — reducing income, increasing deductions, leveraging credits, and increasing withholding — always mindful that minimizing taxes is never an end in itself, but rather is a means to help maximize your returns.

Our Tax Strategies team is highly skilled at leveraging the differences among taxable earnings that are fully taxable at year-end, tax-deferred investments like retirement savings accounts that are taxable when distributed, and tax-advantaged investments that have deductions and credits that may reduce tax obligations.

We believe that careful tax planning strategies for distribution is critical to helping your hard-earned savings last as long as possible.

Critical Elements

  • Tax-deductible strategies
  • Tax-advantaged strategies
  • Asset sale tax planning strategies
  • Cash flow distribution strategies
  • Tax implications for estate planning
  • Coordination with tax professionals
Our client retention rate speaks for itself. We believe our clients come to us, and stay with us, because of our team-based approach to wealth management.

Average annual retention rate—January 1, 2010, through December 31, 2019—based on client households with assets greater than $100K in our existing offices.

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