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Behavioral Wealth Management™

Helping You Make More Confident Life Decisions

Life isn’t a numbers game. What makes us happy and what makes us money can be very different things.

Too often financial advisors forget that money isn’t the only measure of success, and don’t realize that our natural human reactions to events can lead us to make financial and life decisions we regret.

We’ve invested over a decade in developing the Behavioral Wealth Management™ service* because we believe that financial decision-making and life decision-making must be integrated.

Our model integrates wealth management with the science of human behavior. It’s specifically designed to help you make better personal and professional decisions, especially during stressful, expensive life challenges that affect your money, your wealth, and your quality of life.

Interested in Behavioral Wealth Management? Contact our Atlanta office at (770) 295-5600.


*The Behavioral Wealth Management service is licensed through Guided Wealth, Inc. Guided Wealth, Inc. is not affiliated with Wealth Enhancement Group or LPL Financial. Behavioral Wealth Management is currently offered through our Atlanta office location.