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Behavioral Wealth Management™

We build our lives one choice at a time.

Our Behavioral Wealth Management™ Model is designed to help you make better personal and professional decisions, especially during stressful, expensive life challenges that affect your money, your wealth, your quality of life, and your long term goals.

It’s another way we simplify your financial life.



We are emotional beings.

Money is emotional.

Our unbridled emotions can drive us to make poor choices that are inconsistent with what matters most to us.

Here’s how:

Shift Risk Profile IconHOARD CASH

Under stress, many people hoard cash devastating their portfolio’s returns.

Shift Risk Profile IconSHIFT RISK PROFILES

Fear and greed can drive our behavior. Selling stocks in down markets; buying stocks in up markets. Not a very good long term strategy.

Snap Decisions IconSNAP DECISIONS

Our brains are wired to make decisions quickly. Snap decisions are often the wrong decision.

Tunnel Vision IconTUNNEL VISION

Since your brain isn’t as prepared to process new information, it may consider fewer choices and hone in on a solution without your normal, systematic scanning and analysis.

Deer in Headlights IconDEER IN HEADLIGHTS

When emotions are high and we are overloaded, it can be tough to make any decision. "We get run over." Ouch.


You know what is best for you. Accessing that inner wisdom can be hard. That’s what we do.

Our job is to help position you to make the right choices for you and those you love.

We never forget that there is no perfect choice. All choices have costs and benefits.

Decision Making Cycle


We integrate comprehensive wealth management with the wisdom and science of human behavior. It’s Behavioral Wealth Management.

We offer a powerfully personal approach to helping you navigate the high-stakes, high-complexity decisions you’re likely to come across in your financial life.

Life Priorities Icon

Life Priorities

Our signature Life Priorities exercise helps you focus on what matters most to you, and empowers you to say "no" to the merely important. And it’s fun!!


Stress Reduction and DM Tools Icon

Stess Reduction Tools

You can’t logic your way out of an emotional issue. Applying recent brain science with emotion based tools, we help you mitigate stress and prevent impulsive decision-making.


Life Event Experience Icon

Life Event Experience

We are rarely at our best the first time we do something. Our challenge is we often retire, sell our business, or lose a spouse once.

Even though everyone’s experience is different, we have helped many clients navigate these Life Events. You are not alone. We have gained important insights. Build on our experience. 

Passion for Human Factor Icon

Passion for the Human Factor

We love people. We stand in awe of our client’s wisdom, courage, persistence, resilience, and compassion. As we help you discover your own right answer, we seek out all of your strengths, talents, and values.


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The Behavioral Wealth Management service is licensed through Guided Wealth, Inc. Guided Wealth, Inc. is not affiliated with Wealth Enhancement Group or LPL Financial.
Behavioral Wealth Management is currently offered through our Atlanta office location.