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We’re now only six weeks from the end of the year. Crazy, we know! As you prepare for the end of the year, Bruce and Peg discuss what items you should take care of before New Years.

Questions Answered Include: 

  • You guys talk about the long-term and short-term buckets a lot and I’m wondering how you decide to pull money into a mid or short term bucket? If I’ve got money in the stock market that is taking a hit, does it still make sense to pull that into a more conservative bucket or would it be better to wait, even if I know I’ll need that income in the next 7 years or so? When is it okay to pull money out of the market at a loss?
  • My first grandchild was born last month and I want to make sure her education is taken care of. Does it make sense to start a 529 plan now or is there another investment option that could earn me a higher return since we have almost two decades until she goes away to college?

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