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Your Money hosts, Bruce and Peg, talk about what you should know if your significant other manages your family’s money. 

Questions Answered Include: 

  • My son formed an LLC with a partner. The partner said he files taxes on the money he received from LLC on his personal tax return. Is this accurate?
  • Bruce always says you have to spend your RMD. Is it not true that you can take your RMD withdrawal and reinvest it privately?
  • We’re both 80, we're going to be moving to a senior residence later this year and selling our home. We're expecting to net about $400K after the sale. Where do we put this $400k? We have an adequate enough income with IRAs and SS to sustain ourselves in the new senior home.

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Peg Chromy Webb

Peg Chromy Webb

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor & Host of the “Your Money” radio show

Peg Chromy Webb has specialized in financial consulting for more than 30 years and is a popular co-host of the “Your Money” Radio Show. She is passionate about financial education and shares her expertise on career-building and financial literacy through various charitable endeavors.