At Wealth Enhancement Group, our goal is to help you reach your financial goals, and we believe money is simply a tool to enhance your life. However, getting to a place within yourself to accept this truth can be a challenging process. The reason?

Money is incredibly emotional.

It's a complex beast. Money is an anxiety magnet that can drive fears and stir uncertainty. Yet when you have a healthy relationship with money, it can bring elation and support what’s truly important in your life. Furthermore, our thoughts and beliefs about money are passed down generationally and developed in childhood—becoming strongly imprinted in our subconscious.

These beliefs are called “money messages,” and they are directly related to your income, net worth, debt, financial behavior and other aspects of your financial health.

Every money message has an element of truth to it—just not the whole truth. Your money messages have served you well in many circumstances and have most likely propelled your success. The value of knowing the drivers of your beliefs about money cannot be overstated. The money messages you have adopted will always influence your financial beliefs and behaviors—which impact every single aspect of your life.

Because money messages are transgenerational, your heirs will also be impacted by your messages. They have a big ripple effect.

That’s a lot to unpack!

How we feel about things defines how we interact with them. Understanding your emotional relationship with money can be transformational. Why? Because our thoughts and beliefs about money drive our behaviors, and those behaviors become habits. I encourage you to take a moment to consider your own beliefs and feelings about money. The better you know yourself, the healthier you become.

Isn’t that what we ultimately strive for?

If you’re curious about how your money messages are impacting your financial life, learn more about Behavioral Wealth Management.

Adrienne Criste

Adrienne Criste

Behavioral Wealth Specialist

Adrienne’s interest in behavioral science and overall wellness has been a lifelong interest. Throughout her nearly 2 decades of professional experience, she has worked as a mental health professional and advocate for her clients to reach their full potential. Adrienne works in tandem with financial advisors to provide a wide range of services to support clients and their families. BS & MSW, Florida State University Licensed Master Social Worker Certified Financial Social Work Counselor The Sandy...Read More