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Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Our Retirement Plan Consulting team incorporates intelligent plan design support services, ongoing monitoring of vendors and investments, comprehensive retirement plan governance and operational support, as well as educational opportunities and financial wellness programs for plan sponsors and participants. Read on to learn more about our extensive list of services.


Investment Policy Statement Preparation 

Our team assists you in preparing a customized investment policy statement (IPS) that meets your firm’s culture and demographics. This includes investment objectives, policies, and constraints consistent with your plan’s requirements. We also assist with regular reviews and updates to the IPS.

Financial Planning

Investment Selection

We review your plan’s investments and recommend investment manager(s) and investments consistent with the requirements of your plan’s IPS.

  • If the plan is a participant-directed plan, we will manage to the plan's IPS by recommending investment alternatives with a view of complying with the "broad range" requirements under regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) under section 404(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA).
  • We incorporate a detailed target date fund review that follows the DOL guidelines for selecting and monitoring the plan's target data (Qualified Default Investment/QDIA) funds.
  • If engaged as a 3(21) (co-fiduciary with plan sponsor) Investment Advisor to the plan, we will assist the committee in implementing the plan's investment program in conjunction with the direction of the committee.
  • If appointed as the 3(38) (investment fiduciary) Investment Manager entrusted with discretionary services, we will implement optimal investment recommendations for your plan after conducting deep, thorough analysis and providing notice to you.

Financial Plan 3

Performance Governance, Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your plan’s investment manager(s) and investments and may recommend additional investments and investment managers or other changes from time to time. We also provide reports monitoring plan investment managers and investments, comparing the performance to benchmarks set forth in the IPS. This is discussed at each investment committee meeting conducted as we prepare and provide all reports, establish the meeting agendas and document all discussions in the form of formal minutes for the committee.


Fiduciary Education 

We provide educational opportunities by bringing in affiliated ERISA attorneys for plan sponsors to work toward improving decision-making when it comes to vendor selection, fiduciary responsibilities, investment choices, and participant education.


Participant Education and Financial Wellness

Our strategies are designed around the needs of real people, delivering customizable assistance with measurable results. Just as we’re committed to the education of plan sponsors, we also seek to educate plan participants through our personalized workshops and materials. Our retirement benefits professionals and 401(k) advisors offer a variety of flexible options to help ensure that your participant education program meets the specific retirement planning needs of your employees and your corporation.



We provide you with comparisons of plan data (e.g., regarding fees, services, participant enrollment, and contributions) to data from the plan’s prior years and/or a benchmark group of similar plans.

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Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Services 

We assist you with the identification of investment products or model portfolios in connection with the definition of a QDIA under ERISA (for plans subject to ERISA).

Investment Management

Model Portfolios

We will recommend, for consideration and approval by you, asset allocation target-date, model portfolios, or risk-based model portfolios for your plan to make available to plan participants, and which funds from the lineup of investment options chosen by you to include in such model portfolios with an eye towards your plan’s unique demographics.


Service Provider Search Support

We will assist you with the preparation of requests for proposals (RFPs), evaluation of proposals and bids, and interviews of investment providers (e.g. insurance or brokerage firms or mutual fund companies) offering plan recordkeeping, investment services, and other plan service providers, as requested.


Other Services

A suite of additional consulting support services are available to our plan sponsor clients, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • plan design
  • needs assessments
  • plan service provider oversight
  • product sponsor and/or record keeper evaluations
  • compilation of and coordinating data for plan testing,
  • review of periodic reports by the plan's record keeper
  • plan audit support

Specific Specialization in Business Consulting

The exceptionally complex issues that business owners and plan sponsors face aren't easily addressed by a single financial advisor.

Our dynamic team-based approach to comprehensive wealth management and our Retirement Plan Consulting service for plan sponsors helps to ensure you receive advice in the most efficient manner.

Many of the personal and business financial planning specialists you need are part of our firm's diverse team of experience advisors and specialists — the Roundtable. When needed, we also work closely with partners outside of our firm based on your specific needs. Our goal is to help simplify your financial life, so you can stay focused on your business.