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Financial Seminars and Events

Wealth Enhancement Group hosts several educational financial planning seminars and events throughout the year to help you plan for retirement. Please browse through our current event offerings below.

Event Series

How to Safeguard Your Retirement in a Volatile Market

Does the current stock market volatility have you worried about your retirement? After a long period of calm and consistent growth, we’re now seeing volatility return. While some measure of volatility is normal, it can be stressful to watch the market go up and down.

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Key Strategies for a Low-Tax Retirement

You spend your working years earning money that you hope will last you through your retirement. But what’s the best way to keep more of that money, and lower your taxes, once you’re done working?

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A RealityCheck™ On Your Retirement Income

Do you know if you’ll have enough money to retire? Many people nearing retirement don’t know the answer, and this uncertainty can carry significant costs in the long run.

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