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"Your Money" Radio Show

Tips for Preparing for Your Tax Preparer

It’s that time of year again: tax filing season! Vice President of Integrated Advice Brian Vnak joins the show this week to help you prepare for your tax preparer.


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You Can Save Money Without Giving Up the Small Things

You don't have to give up that morning cup of coffee to save a little extra money each month. Bruce Helmer shares his tips with the hosts of WCCO Mid-Morning. 


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Save Smarter for Your Retirement


Saving for retirement is a big job. Bruce and Peg talk about how you can save smarter, not harder for your retirement.

Questions Answered Include: 

  • I make about...
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2018 Economic Recap and Expectations for 2019 with Jim Cahn


After a smooth and steady, the least 12 months seemed like a roller coaster for our investments—and our emotions. Jim Cahn joins Bruce and Peg to discuss the economy...

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How to Be Financially Fit this Year


This time of year, we’re all thinking about getting in shape after all of the holiday goodies. Bruce and Peg discuss how to get your finances in shape as well in this...

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