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Savings Without the Stress

Saving for your future can make some feel anxious and stressed out. On this National Stress Awareness Day, Bruce Helmer shares his stress-free saving tips with the...

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Financial Literacy: What It Means For You

April is Financial Literacy Month and we want to celebrate with you! Bruce and Peg give a short lesson on what financial literacy can do for you.

Questions Answered...

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Tax Day is a Week Away

Have you filed your tax return yet? Bruce, Jason and Heather are part of the many Americans who haven't. What you need to know for that last minute tax crunch. 


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A Social Security Check Up with Rhonda Whitenack

April is Social Security month and Rhonda Whitenack joins the show for a Social Security check up. 

Questions Answered Include: 

  • If I have a history of heart disease...
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Don't be Foolish with Your Finances

April Fools Day pranks can fun! But making foolish mistakes with your finances can prevent you from achieving your money goals. Bruce Helmer shares what to watch out for...

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