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How to Prepare for Tax Season Under New Tax Laws

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected nearly all taxpayers and could mean that your filing strategy should change, too. Bruce and Peg talk through the items you...

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Considerations for New Snow Birds This Year

Are you one of those people who is hoping to escape the winter weather as a retiree and spend the snowy season down south? Bruce and Peg give you a list of things to...

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Your 2018 Year-End Financial Planning Checklist


We’re now only six weeks from the end of the year. Crazy, we know! As you prepare for the end of the year, Bruce and Peg discuss what items you should take care of...

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How The Recent Election May (or May Not) Affect Your Finances


With the 2018 midterm election behind us, Bruce and Peg talk about how the change in Washington could affect your finances.

Questions Answered Include: 

  • What is a...
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What You Should Know This Long-Term Care Awareness Month

November marks Long-Term Care Awareness month, so we’ve got specialist Pam Krejce on the show to tell you everything you need to know.

Questions Discussed Include: 

  • ...
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