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Tips for Preparing for Your Tax Preparer

It’s that time of year again: tax filing season! Vice President of Integrated Advice Brian Vnak joins the show this week to help you prepare for your tax preparer.


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If You Believe in Human Progress, Buy Stock

As human beings, we’re drawn to bad news. It’s not our fault. It comes down to how our brains process information through what psychologists call a negative bias....

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How to Boost Your 401k Without Busting Your Paycheck

We know you’ve probably heard this but it’s worth repeating, one of the best ways to increase your retirement savings is to max out your 401k or 403b contributions...

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You Can Save Money Without Giving Up the Small Things

You don't have to give up that morning cup of coffee to save a little extra money each month. Bruce Helmer shares his tips with the hosts of WCCO Mid-Morning. 


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Football and Finances: What the Big Game Can Teach Us

This weekend was the big game, which usually means an entertaining football match up, impressive television commercials and lots of game day food. This year, we watched...

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