Estate Planning

While we hope none of the grandmothers in your family get run over by a reindeer, we do hope we can give you some advice on what to do if a loved one does pass away without an estate plan. Bruce and Peg give you’re their top tips.

Questions Answered Include: 

  • I had a question about my portfolio. I have a little over a million and wondering how to slowly sell that off. I'm 58 and I'm going to start slowly selling it off into cash, CDs and treasuries. How do I do that? Do I sell it off a little at a time or all at once? I know it depends on market timing but is there a general way to do that?
  • Everyone is talking about the change in standard deductions for single or married people but not for head of household for single parents. I believe it is $18,000, is this correct? Could you also clarify if tax brackets are applied to AGI or income after deductions? 
  • I'm 57 years old and I recently left a company and my new company does not have a 401k. I'll be making excess of $300,000 a year. I was wondering what options I had?

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