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While it may not be the most exciting part of retirement, today Kate Maier joins Bruce and Peg on the show to talk about what changes to make to your estate plan as you transition away from the working world.

Questions discussed include: 

  • My husband and I were married about six month ago and each of us have children from previous marriages. What are ways we can set up our estate plans to make sure all of our kids are taken care of, regardless of who their biological parent is?
  • My two grandchildren (14 and 12) live abroad and I have wanted to start a 529 for each.  However, it is not yet known where (or if) they will want to go to college.  Would a 529 plan pay to a European college or do the funds have to be paid in the U.S?  At present I have UTMA acounts for both, but these are now requiring taxes.
  • I have heard that should your spouse need to go into a nursing home, the state can take most of your assets, but not your home. I'm wondering if that's true?

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Bruce Helmer

Bruce Helmer

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