This Mother’s Day, Bruce and guest Pam Krejce take a look at how to be kind to ourselves if we become care givers for our own mothers.

Questions discussed include: 

  • If your parents have been vague in the past about their financial situation, how do you suggest bringing up the topic?
  • I retired on March 30 last year when I was 71, but then I signed up as a casual employee after I was off for a month which was before I took an RMD. Then I was told I could not take my RMD because I’m considered an employee. I called several times to make sure I don't have to take the RMD and can I take it if I want to take it and they said no because you are considered an employee. Is this correct? Or am I going to end up owing tons of taxes?
  • It seems as though my father will need nursing care very soon and we know that he doesn’t have a plan for long term care or very much money saved. What do you suggest as a way to help him out without spending all of our savings and putting our kids in a similar situation?

Featured Segment: Caregiver's Guide to Self Care


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Bruce Helmer

Bruce Helmer

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